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PAUL SALADINO 3 | Studies: BACON and BEEF both protective against colon cancer
presents episode 507 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

Asian association study; 132k men & 184k women
(cannot show causation, but can show lack of connection)
-did not show evidence of higher mortality for meat eaters
-inverse association with
~cardiovascular disease in men
~cancer & mortality in women
“Huge study that was ignored
by W. H. O.’s IARC”

Animal study: beef, chicken and bacon on rat colon cancer…
-results: bacon was PROTECTIVE against cancer
-beef does NOT promote growth of aberrant crypt foci
-chicken does not protect against
colon cancer

“It is kind of scientific fraud”
-these W. H. O. IARC folks have cognitive dissonance, so
-subconsciously biasing, rather than
-actively falsifying

Study: Assessment of causal direction between gut TMAO and
-cardio-metabolic health
Finding: reverse causality:
“Type 2 diabetes and kidney disease
increase TMAO levels. Therefore:
observational evidence for
cardiovascular disease is due to:
~confounding or
~reverse causality

“Fancy way to say: When you have diabetes or kidney disease,
TMAO goes up!
Diabetes and kidney disease could be causing your
cardiovascular disease:
that is called reverse causality”


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