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PAUL SALADINO 3 | Animal-based PLACENTA rich in Vitamins, retinol, copper, HEALTH
presents episode 693 | Paul Saladino
Nourished Youtube podcast

“When we conceive the baby,
we also start growing an organ…
-will be with the baby throughout
-will feed baby
-will nourish baby
-is baby’s home
Looking at 2 placenta’s side-by-side
2-animal based, nutrient dense

“I cannot believe the
DIFFERENCE in the quality of
the placenta
-what the baby was growing in
throughout pregnancy”
LEFT: vegetarian diet
RIGHT: animal-based diet:
-red meat
-pasteurized eggs
-raw milk

Vegetarian placenta:
-feels hard, like sand-rock like
-throughout entire placenta
“SAD…this is what housed them
what fed them”

Dr Saladino:
“Midwives have told me:
vegan’s placentas look a lot like
a smoker’s placenta”
-health of baby tied to
whether mother eating
animal-based diet

If mother has been eating
animal based diet…
we will see in placenta:
‘helping baby sustain life’


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