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PAUL SALADINO 2 | Studies in animals & humans showing red meat is beneficial IGNORED BY W. H. O.
presents episode 506 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

In the one study that showed an association between eating…
-red meat and cancer, there was also an association between
-obesity and insulin resistance…and it was a stronger association
-but the researchers (vegetarians) only made the association link
with red meat!
Everyone thinks red meat causes cancer…
-secret group, mostly vegetarians,
who did not disclose their bias,
-excluded most studies
-the 1 observational study had significance
-confounded by unhealthy user bias

“When you think that THAT is the reason that we think read meat…
-causes cancer: that is absurd!
-there are many studies that shows the mechanism for red meat
to cause cancer is simply not there
-and many studies that show the reverse:
-especially in Asian communities
Look at all the science, it is unquestionable
that meat is an evolutionary, ancestral
human food

The suggestion that meat is an unhealthy food is absurd…
-look at the associational and even the randomized, control trials:
-but IARC were very disappointed because they showed that:
Meat is a benefit!
-so they were quietly ignored
Ignore real science, because they set out
-with a goal, know what they are looking for
-they are NOT UNBIASED
-those reviewing the studies are looking
for meat to be a problem…
~environment & cow belches
~vegan groups

Meat, to me, is a super food because of its nutrient density…
-healthy fats, iron, minerals
-complete protein
“We are eating what we are made of”
-carnivores are thriving and
-have fixed long term health issues


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