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PAUL SALADINO 2 | SEED OILS contain HEXANE; PUFAs remain in Body 5 YEARS
presents episode 681 | Dr Paul Saladino
Carnivore MD podcast

Canola oil must be washed in
hexane…known neurological toxin
-8 parts per million
“Safe? Unknown. But do you want
your kids ingesting this toxin?”
-then bleached and deodorized
[it stinks because it is rancid] Result:
-oxidized; rancid; oxidized;
-containing trans fatty acids

Marketed as ‘healthy’ by AHA…
“True! American Heart Association
give canola oil: seal of approval”

This Instagram post was flagged as
questionable by their fact checkers:
“Posts mislead on health effects of
seed oils”
“Health experts say seed oils can be
beneficial if not included in highly
processed foods”
Dr Saladino:
-not sure why seed oils unprocessed
foods would make seed oils differ
on health of body

Seed oils themselves are highly
[same type factories as ETHANOL] -salad dressing…highly processed?
Dr Saladino:
“Hand waving voodoo to make the
point that seed oils are safe in
non-processed foods.

How much money has Canola Oil
Corp paid to researchers to make this claim?

AFP about another post:
“Polyunsaturated fats remain in
body for several years before
clearing out”
Dr Saladino:
-body can interconvert saturated &
monosaturated fats
-cannot get rid of polyunsaturated
fats quickly

Dr Saladino addressing the AFP:
study on men
1 group: eating high unsaturated fats
Rise in adipose tissue, linoleic acid
from 11% to 32% of total fatty acid
-half life of 680 days!
“Best & only evidence on effects of
polyunsaturated fatty acids”
-states exactly what the AFP
seemed dubious of!


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