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PAUL SALADINO 2 | Omega 3…NOT BENIGN; may cause more fat gain than omega 6 & saturated fat
presents episode 361 | Dr Paul Saladino
Controversial Thoughts podcast

The more unsaturations you have in a lipid molecule…
-the more it will signal your adipocytes,
visceral & subcutaneous, to…
-remain open to growing
-you don’t want your adipocytes
to grow!

Studies in mice…conserved between species because…
-this is the mitochondrial-electron transport chain

Red line: omega3. gained most fat
Yellow line: omega6;
Blue line: saturated fat. gained least fat

Omega3 is not benign…
-can make you just as fat as omega6
-we don’t want adipocytes to expand this much

Coconut oil: 492
Olive oil: 491
Fish oil: 505. (Fish oil + antioxidant: 514)

ROS (reactive oxygen species) generated in metabolism of…
saturated fat…
-tells mitochondria stop signaling-allows fat cell to stop growing

Graph: malondialdehyde, a product of oxidation…
-Coconut oil: least. Olive oil: medium
-Fish oil: most in heart mitochondria!

Massive supplementation of omega3 is not good…
-multiple studies in humans, mice, and rats
-shows weight gain &
-increase in peroxidation products

Dr Saladino’s (the Carnivore MD)
red blood cell fatty acid report…
omega6: linoleic acid: 5.3
Saturated fat: stearic acid: 19


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