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PAUL SALADINO 2 | Commercial prenatal vitamins NOT SUFFICIENT
presents episode 692 | Paul Saladino
Nourished Youtube podcast

Foods highest in nutrient density
& bioavailability:
-meats & organs
“minerals & vitamins are so much
more bioavailable & present than
in vegetables”

“Just had 30 week pregnant woman
come to see me.
I put her on supplements of
heart & liver
-she texted a week later:
‘I feel better than any time
during my pregnancy’
Commercial, artificial prenatal
-are peed out
-pure, nutrient dense food is most important thing we can do

Problem with synthetic vitamins…
-poorly bioavailable
[nutrients don’t get absorbed] -vitamin forms are NOT what
the body needs or uses
“May give a false sense of
security…so continue to eat
junk food or non-nutrient dense
plant foods
-meat & organs should be center
of diet for fertility & pregnancy

“I did all organs a & nutrient dense
foods and had great pregnancy;
baby is healthy, thriving”
‘I have been doing births for 19
-some people just walk in, wanting
to avoid hospital experience.
-they don’t realize that IT IS OUR
that are the most important
part of healthy pregnancy’


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