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PAUL SALADINO 1 | W.H.O. IARC: corrupt science behind cancer proclamation
presents episode 505 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

A few years ago (2015), WHO said meat is a carcinogen…
-including processed meat and ancestral red meats
-based on ‘junk studies’ that were associations, with:
-1.08 hazard ratio (HR further from 1 is more powerful)
-HR less than 2 is meaningless (low confidence there is difference)

Association studies (usually surveys)
cannot show causation, only correlation

“WHO actually came out with this junk
science…what is wrong here?”

International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) 2015…
-2018 published details of how they came to conclusions
-2015 stated: processed meat is class 2A carcinogen;
-non-processed red meat class 2B carcinogen
“A lot of the committee were actually vegetarians
who did not disclose their biases”
-whittled down to 14 studies of red meat
-these: entirely observational studies
-no interventional studies
-there are many interventional studies,
both animal and human showing
no connection of red meat and cancer

Observational (association) studies cannot show causation…
-one cannot make a policy decision regarding the cause of
a disease based on these types of studies

Intervention (randomized, control group trials) are experimental…
-these can demonstrate causation of an outcome in the
treatment group vs the control group to some level of confidence
-policy decisions can be made based on this research

Considering 14 selected studies by the WHO, they did not show
an association between red meat and cancer…NO
-8 of the 14 showed no association
-5 of the remaining 6 studies:
the association was NOT statistically significant
“This WHO proclamation was based on
one single study that showed some
association between red meat and cancer”
-That one study was done in community
of vegetarians that shun meat!
-those eating meat probably doing non-
healthy activities, like smoking, drinking…


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