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PAUL SALADINO 1 | FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS…lead to lipid peroxidation!
presents episode 361 | Dr Paul Saladino
Controversial Thoughts podcast

All polyunsaturated fats, whether omega3 or omega6…
(the number of carbons from the noncarbonyl end of
the fatty acid molecule, at which you find the first
double bond)

-a functional group composed of a carbon atom
double-bonded to an oxygen atom: C=O

Study of lipid peroxidation during n-3 fatty acid and
vitamin E supplementation…

If you are getting omega3 from fish, fine…
-don’t take a fish oil supplement due to
-lipid peroxidation

Fish oil supplements (omega3) actually have more
double bonds than linoleic acid (omega6)
-pretty good evidence that the number of double bonds
found in a polyunsaturated fat
will correlate with:
-metabolic problems
-fat gain
~because it keeps adipocytes
open to ingress of

Chinese study of soybean oil vs weight gain…
-groups of low, medium, high soy bean oil consumption
-highest soybean oil group
lost the least weight
-lowest soybean oil group
lost the most weight
(has more saturated fat)


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