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PAUL SALADINO 1 | “EGGS & ORGAN MEATS made me fertile again” Mother says
presents episode 691 | Paul Saladino
Nourished Youtube podcast

I was eating the standard
American diet & struggling to
get pregnant”
“It felt like a malfunction…
am I going to have infertility
-women are consuming no-nutrient
dense foods
-fertility declines each year

Dr Paul Saladino:
‘boxes in grocery store have no
nutrient dense food inside”
-avoid these toxins
-eat a nutrient-dense diet
“People who tried everything and
could not conceive…suddenly are successful”

“I was vegetarian for 7 years…
I was close-minded, not seeking
deeper information
I went full 180;
started making liver paté
-my goal in working with women
in fertility, pregnancy, hormone
1-healthy organ & meat eating
2-in a way that is enjoyable

Women’s eggs not viable some
percentage of the months…
can range from 25 to 75%
-for early 30s around 40% of
eggs are not viable
“Looking back, we got pregnant
3 months in a row
I feel incredibly healthy & fertile
I owe that to our diet”

I would eat nutrient-dense foods…
-fresh fruit
“came into my body making me
feel nurtured and vital”
-organ meats have essential
nutrients optimal for brain &
bone development in baby”


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