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presents episode 372 | Dr Paul Saladino
Nick Bare – Bare Performance podcast

At medical school, 90% of professors were sickly, pale…
-not healthy
-physicians, residents…very few were healthy
-went to University of Arizona for medical school
-University of Washington for residency
-NEVER was nutrition, nutritional biochemistry
talked about in relation to any disease
-is was ‘disease management’ with
-different from what I am interested in now

Seed oils…
-no such thing before 1870
-first used a machine lubricant (grind the seeds into oil)
-1910-1911 first popularized for human consumption
-CRISCO: excess lubricant, ‘let’s use this for humans!’

Look at human health in 1870; 1910; 1920s…
-we had records of human health
-heart attacks were very rare
-also diabetes & obesity…very rare
-back then people were much less fat than today

Early 1900’s, with introduction of seed oils
-this is correlational, not causation, but
-there is plenty of evidence to be concerned about seed oils
-we see a steady rise in chronic illness
-all of it tracks together: gradual increase in
~obesity; diabetes; heart disease; cancer
-in last 50 years is most compelling &
-trend is continuing!

Mid 20th century was the beginning of the medical system…
-AMA; AHA begin to vilify cholesterol & animal fat
-Early 20th century, our health was much better than now
-pretty good diets…NO seed oils
-people ate exclusively
~tallow (beef fat)
~lard (pork fat)
-100% of fat in the human diet
-butter; tallow; lard…and the rates of
chronic illness were VERY LOW

So, why does no one talk about this?
-strong correlation with growth of seed oils
-marketed as; ‘doesn’t spoil, clean, white’
-margarine is pure white…
~have to put dye pills in to turn it yellow
-butter has flavonoids, from grass,
which makes it yellow
-more grass fed, more yellow


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