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Paul Mason: Vitamin K2 with calcium in the diet;protein: great for bone health

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Vitamin K2 is a fascinating supplement…
Japanese, first country to take it seriously
Found in cheese, eggs,
pastured products like grass-fed beef

Vitamin K2 has role in telling calcium
where to go: blood vessels or bone
Very good evidence that isolated calcium supplementation
increases the risk of heart disease in females…
I don’t recommend taking calcium supplements;
it is something you should get from diet
-get it from eggs
(has building blocks of skeleton!)
-small fish, like sardines

And you need to be getting enough vitamin K2 also,
and magnisium is also important for bones;
but, key point:
do not neglect the protein
(often underdone!)

Daily recommended amount of protein is about:
.8g per 1kg of ideal body weight

this is absolutely tiny!
5 times this amount without
any detriment seen in blood tests

Studies: for athletes, starting at 1.8g per 1kg bodyweight
increase to more than 3g per 1kg:
this gave extra benefit

the upper limit we have on protein is ridiculous &
the business that it is bad for kidneys
does not bear scientific scrutiny

think about it logically…
if you are losing protein into urine, medical response is:
-advise less protein!
seems the entire world is hooked:
“protein hurts kidneys”

The kidney is an organ, like the heart…
if you exercise the heart, it grows & develops…

we think it is the same with the kidney:
-eat high-protein diet
-kidney will hypertrophy (get larger)
-& have more functional capacity