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Paul Mason: SLEEP better without drugs! Use simple habits & hygieneI

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Sleep hygiene…simple things

“What time do you go to bed?”
if cannot answer, its probably not regular

irregular bedtime is like jetlag:
takes 3 weeks to reset body clock

to function optimally, you need:
-the same bedtime consistently
-enough sleep time (8 hours minimum)

maybe 8.5 in bed so sleep
is 8 full hours

circadian rhythm:
most rigid is the time you wake up

Example: weekend, stayed up late, tired in morning,
but can’t sleep in.

To get full 8 hours, get to bed earlier

simple rule:
-pick time need to wake up each day
-count back 8.5 hours
-that is your bedtime
-keep this strictly

ideal sleeping temperature: 19c (66f)!
-cool? yes, but get a nice duvet
-don’t share duvet with partner!

use proper lighting!

bright lights suppress melatonin secretion, so:
-late evening: no overhead lights
-use low light or red lamps
(red light doesn’t suppress melatonin)
-light filter on phone

sleep habits:
-separate duvets

I don’t like drugs (melatonin as supplement is great)

“z” drugs induce parasomnia, blocks dreams,
have side effects

benzodiazapine affect same receptors
alcohol and are addictive