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Paul Mason: REVERSE osteoporosis & bone fractures with high protein & have NO HUNGER

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Classic patient, from general public:
-middle age female
-with a stress fracture
“I am walking 15,000 steps a day”
“for weight control”

Why else would anyone exercise themselves
into the ground, while starving themselves
of nutrients that it is causing:
stress fractures?

What need does she have to over-exercise to this degree,
unless: her only understanding is:

calories in…calories out
“I just have to burn all this off!”

So, I say: with your stress fracture,
you have to curtail your activity

usually puts them into a state
of despondency

She says: if I don’t walk 6 hours a day,
how will I lose weight?

this is the only way I have of
maintaining my body weight!

Actually NO…you cannot out run a bad diet!

There is another way,
& you don’t have to be hungry
& we can reverse osteoporosis
with nutrition

As an endocrinologist, you know that the
bisphosphonate drugs actually impair bone turnover!
With poor bone turnover,
your bone is vulnerable to fracture!
We have atypical fractures in the
big thigh bone with these drugs

In athletes, inappropriately given these drugs,
have had their careers ended,
because it stays in the bones for
years & years

We have other drugs with side effects…
& this is our standard treatment for osteoporosis…

and we can REVERSE it!

2002 study: looked at patients over age 65, half female:
gave them calcium citrate & vitamin D as supplement:
-monitored bone density with Dexa scanning

then: stratified population by protein

divided study group by low, medium, high protein intake.

Findings: over 3 years, with Dexa scanning:

patients with highest protein,
had their osteoporosis reversed

All three ingredients are necessary:

bone is more made of protein…it is the scaffolding
into which calcium & other minerals can be inserted…

vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium

What happens when your blood is low in calcium?

body breaks down bone to get calcium into blood
so, giving calcium slows bone loss…

but, doesn’t create new bone
unless you also add protein!E osteoporosis & bone
fractures with high protein & have NO HUNGER

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