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PAUL MASON. PAUL MASON 2 | Milk, while on keto, for some means autoimmune disease
presents episode 780 | Dr Paul Mason
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Some on keto or carnivore diets
have high cholesterol…
-beyond normal levels
-some of their animal-based foods
causing them inflammation
#1 culprit: dairy [both A1 & A2] -for those genetically susceptible
will exacerbate autoimmune disease
“If immunity system mistakes the
barcode on YOUR OWN CELL for
foreigner, it will attack”

Dairy is a food group that can most
strongly trigger autoimmune response
STUDY: compare nutrition between
2 African tribes…
Maasai: eat meat and dairy only
Akakuyu: eat vegetables & fruit
genetically similar due to intermingling
5 inches taller, 23 pounds heavier;
50% greater muscular strength

Differences in diseases…
-bony deformaties, cavaties, anemia,
pulmonary conditions, ulcers
-intestinal stasis [constipation] and rheumatoid arthritis
more common in Maasai

Due to low carb, high protein, Maasai
were physically healthier and stronger…
-but had autoimmune issues triggered
by eating dairy [drinking milk] “We know that morphine is constipating;
…dairy contains morphine”
Why dairy is so delicious…
to point of addiction for some
“Some on keto diets consume lots of
dairy…leading to autoimmune problems”


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