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Paul Mason: Melatonin as an antioxidant & Fatty tongue causes sleep apnea!

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Melatonin: a potent antioxidant…
the cranial circulation in the brain associated
with circadian rhythms

Studies, blinded, control groups:
melatonin 5-10mg, 2/day:
reversed fatty liver disease

Do you prescribe melatonin? Yes

The best approach is to reduce oxidative stress:
Need to stop fluctuating sugar levels by cutting:
-liquid fats & oils (always oxidized)

If cut these out, don’t need melatonin

For patients who cannot cut out carbs & liquid fats:

“Let’s do risk mitigation, melatonin (like carnosine),
is a great supplement to take”

Isn’t it a sleep promoter?

Yes, but in most patients, morning melatonin is fine .
Very rarely, patient has problem…
but that is usually caused by
their sleep apnea

Sleep apnea: associated with visceral fat!

Used to think it was caused by fatty neck around
the airways…

it is actually the tongue!
the tongue gets fat

Sleep apnea: tongue gets fat!

MRI studies: fat in tongue before & after weight loss:
you can see the airway space clears up with weight loss

Sleep apnea:

When people fall asleep, the muscles around
the airways relax…
if tongue is fatty, it occludes (blocks) the airway
but people are not always conscious
of their waking

Airway occludes:
-blood deoxygenates
-brain arousal sympathetic trigger:
“we better open up the airway”
-a partial awakening
(can happen many times an hour)
-never getting deep sleep!

Sleep deprivation:

Huge impacts on hormones: leptin & ghrelin
essential for energy homeostasis

Cycle (difficult to break):
1. get overweight
2. hormone effects
3. cause more weight gain

This study showed that it is the tongue
that causes sleep apnea and this vicious cycle!

Paper conclusion: burn the tongue to shrink it!

Instead of losing weight to reduce
tongue fat & cut the vicious cycle

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