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Paul Mason: LIVER: fructose, carbs drive fatty liver & with oxidized oils drives insulin resistance

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Root cause of insulin resistance?

Fructose has toxic effect on liver…
-cannot be stored in liver as glycogen
-has to be processed metabolically by liver
-if capacity exceeded, stimulate de novo lipogenesis
(fat formation in liver)

Oxidized oils directly damage the liver
directly contribute to insulin resistance…
-retinol binding protein 4
-oxidation damage to livers in animals
Data all point to liver as key organ here

Good news?
Fat in the liver and around visceral organs
is the first to be lost…
when go on a healthy diet & lose weight

If start at 120 kg (265 pounds) & lose 10 kg…
-still overweight, but
-on the way to being metabolically healthy:

which means:
-insulin sensitive
-lower glucose levels

We know that exercise alone is terrible way to lose weight
DEXA scanning shows that exercise:
-redistributes fat
-improves metabolic health

Athletes, on high-carb diet, would likely be diabetic
much sooner without their extreme exercising

Example: Tim Noakes, world famous carb-loading runner
-would have become type 2 diabetic
decades sooner without exercise

Dr Tim Noakes
South African scientist and marathon runner
(over 70 completed), originally pro-carb loading as
means of improving performance.

Later, after being diagosed as type 2 diabetic, he
researched nutrition science for athletes and changed
to recommending low-carb diets as the best approach.

Insulin resistance driven by liver or visceral fat rather
than subcutaneous fat…

TOFI (thin outside, but fat inside):
-appear to be healthy, but insulin resistant & high glucose
-have fatty liver, not subcutaneous fat
-may have low visceral fat
-still high risk for diabetes, stroke,
many types of cancer, skin problems

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