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PAUL MASON k | In vulnerable folks: DAIRY & GLUTEN can trigger autoimmune
presents episode 994 | Dr Paul Mason
Nutrition with Judy podcast

Published study of 2 African tribes in 1920s:
-Masai: carnivore [meat, blood, dairy] -Akakuyu: vegetarian
Both tribes genetically similar
Results of observation and measurements:
Masai males vs Akakuyu males:
-5 inches taller
-23 pounds heavier
-50% stronger

“Bony deformatties, dental caries, anemia, pulmonary conditions
much more prevalent among the Akakuyu…
-intestinal statis [constipation] & rheumatoid arthritis
more common in Masai
So: carnivore, including dairy, makes one
stronger & more robust than vegetarians
Constipation & arthritis [autoimmune]:
-casomorphine [opiod peptide in dairy] -morphine [opiate] cause constipation

Not well known, but my patients find that:
-in vulnerable people:
-remove dairy [casein] & gluten from diet, constipation relieved
-also an autoimmune trigger:
-can cause rheumatoid arthritis
Improved when dairy & gluten removed
Masai were drinking raw, A2 milk!


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