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Paul Mason: It’s NOT HARD to find a healthy diet that you can love, find effortless, and liberating!

Dr Mason, in this interview with Dr Mariela Glandt, May 2020:

I’m learning from articles from journals of the 1950’s…
there is a lot of insights from this old literature,
that has effectively been lost!

It’s amazing how much of what we
consider new discoveries is actually:
old hat

I interact within a Facebook group with several
hundred doctors…

today there was an exchange where, if people are
talking about dietary management,
that they are guilty of fat-shaming

the point was: by telling people they should eat a
certain way would cause emotional distress,
and we should not be doing this to our patients

“When we have damn good evidence that when we
eat a certain way, we will be healthier,
it is medical negligence if we don’t tell our patients”

But several doctors said, even though we know that
eating this way will improve diabetes, we can’t tell
the patients to avoid emotional distress!

My point was: we should not be blaming the patient!

we should blame the people who have
subjected us to the dietary guidelines

My patients are eternally grateful for having their
lives turned around because they have been
subjecting themselves to:
-self-induced eating disorders
-excessive exercise
to try to maintain weight on an unhealthy diet

They say:
“It doesn’t have to be hard!
I can do this effortlessly!
I can control my carbs,
My weight goes away &
I’m not continuously hungry!!”

They say:
“I now have a good relationship with food!”

“I sit down to every meal…
for every bite, I love it;
I know it is healthy”

Previously: If you were worried about your weight,
you would look at food as:
simply a source of calories…
that would make you fat

Going with a healthy diet and being able to
change that mindset…
is incredibly liberating!

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