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PAUL MASON h | High-carb ATHLETES OUTPERFORMED BY keto-adapted athletes
presents episode 991 | Dr Paul Mason
Nutrition with Judy podcast

2018 McSwiney study of high level athletes for 12 weeks…
test 1- peak power output
test 2 – critical, sustained power output [anaerobic] Results:
test 1: keto-adapted: better time by 3 min.
& higher peak power output
test 2: keto-adapted: OUTPERFORMED
those on high carb diets
“Clear evidence that keto-adapted dieting
can provide improved athletic performance”
Q – Do endurance athletes need carbs? A – NO

Q: Why do some athletes or weightlifters feel ‘better’ when having
some carbs before a workout?
A: research, 15 years ago:
Rating of Perceived Exertion
-release of dopamine may make people
feel that exercise is easier
But, in actual testing: no difference
Judy Cho [w/ Mano Henselmans] “It is the placebo effect

How do we know?
-when body burns fat, initially turns into ketones
-if body mechanism is not fully upregulated,
they will not convert, but be expelled
-uric acid & ketones compete for excretion
from kidneys into urine, SO
-if elevated KETONES, will prevent some
URIC ACID from leaving body, SO
-uric acid level will INCREASE IN BLOOD
“We can check uric acid blood level to see
if you are keto-adapted & monitor the length of time”
-Takes at least 12 weeks

-Sometimes, people having trouble with GOUT,
beginning a keto/carnivore eating approach , will still
experience gout attacks [in a diminishing progression] -Could this be the reason?
A-complicated, but could indeed be… … search on ‘gout’
-2 dozen short videos on gout by trusted doctors”
Dr Pete Delannoy; Dr Ken Berry; Dr Ricard Johnson; Dr Nadir Ali;
Dr Bret Scher; Dr Paul Mabry; and, of course, Dr Paul Mason


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