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PAUL MASON f: | Low carb: cleans up liver High carb: drives hunger
presents episode 1112 | Dr Paul Mason
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Liver cells contain elements not found anywhere else in body
in high levels: if cell damaged, it releases these elements…
-when found in blood, we know liver is damaged
On graph: ALT relates to liver health
Before low carb: 52; after: 19…healthier liver

GTT glucose tolerance insulin response test series of blood tests:
Results measuring INSULIN:
early peak=low diabetes risk [pattern 1] later peak=high risk [pattern 4] Clinical patient: pattern 3=risk of diabetes 15%
another patient: pattern 4=high risk…nearly 1 in 2

Another patient: caught in cyclical eating…
[like when eating high carb: HAD TO EAT AM SNACK] -reactive hypoglycemia
Example: stuff 75g glucose into circulation, sugar should be
high and stay high
In this individual: added glucose caused INSULIN overshoot
-so sugar DROPPED
-will feel lousy & hungry

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