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PAUL MASON e | HbA1C elevated? if CARNIVORE, red blood cells: LIVING LONGER!
presents episode 987 | Dr Paul Mason
Nutrition with Judy podcast

No reason to fear eating grain-fed meat…
-if not rotten = no oxidation, so omega6 not harmful
-Jeff Volek study: arachidonic acid increases
in low inflammatory state
HbA1C can be higher in carnivores
-fluctuations in glucose levels far more
damaging slightly elevated steady state
-most of my carnivore patients have
superb glycemic stability
[may be .2 or .4 higher, but ‘pancake flat’]

HbA1C often falsely elevates what average blood sugar
actually is in a carnivore..
-red blood cell sitting in soup containing sugar molecules
-over life of cell, glucose molecules will
attach to cell
-happens in predictable progression
-HbA1C test heavily biased toward
most recent 6 weeks of red blood cell life
-1 factor of load is amount of sugar in blood
Q: what causes red blood cells to turnover quickly?
A: OXIDATIVE STRESS causes cells to die more quickly

If you reduce oxidative stress you red blood cells will live longer…
-due to MORE TIME in the sugary soup
Q: how to assess this?
A: a reticulocyte is a new red blood cell
-slightly larger & contains RNA
-so, measure number of reticulocytes
-tells how many new blood cells making
-this tells amount of red blood cell turnover
-can tell if red blood cells ARE LIVING LONGER
“I see this in many of my carnivore patients”
-therefore, their HbA1C is ARTIFICIALLY ELEVATED


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