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PAUL MASON d | GRAIN-FINISHED MEAT? not inflammatory, but low in omega3, D3, K2
presents episode 986 | Dr Paul Mason
Nutrition with Judy podcast

Study, 1965, 2 years long, of corn oil effects…
-first randomized, control study showing harm from seed oils
-3 groups: olive oil; corn oil; saturated fat
-sat fat group: 1 death
-corn oil group: 5 deaths

One case: on corn oil, developed diabetes
-when stopped, diabetes disappeared
-repeated the cycle–he always got diabetes on corn oil
When blood sugar goes extremely high,
kidneys cannot hold all that sugar so
-some leaks into urine
Case showed that on standard diet but
high in seed oils led to high blood sugar
“Very strong links between seed oils
and diabetes”

Grass-fed meat has one strong advantage over regular…
-higher levels of vitamin K2, D3, omega3
Studies of grain-finished beef
-raised on grass, then into feedlot
-for 9 months, sampled weekly
-over that period: omega3 goes to 0
2/3 brain is fat & 20% of that is omega3
“If exclusively eating grain-fed meat;
However, the notion that it is inflammatory
is not backed by science.
-if getting omega3, D3, K2 from other sources, no problem”


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