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Paul Mason: CARNOSINE–critical for kidney health & concentrated urine is healthy!

Interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt
May 2020

Measuring amount of protein in urine:
a good way to assess kidney function

multiple lines of evidence that…
on low carb, cutting out sugar, is beneficial to kidneys

Study: randomized, blinded trial with diabetics…

given supplement: carnosine
(2 joined amino acids; a glycation inhibitor)
prevents glucose molecule from attaching to
body cells which cause damage by glycation

when diabetics given carnosine supplement…

-reduces protein in urine
-reduces HbA1C
(shows average blood sugar level)

Study: randomized, blinded trial with diabetics…
dose used: 500 mg carnosine twice/day

carnosine is deficient in vegetarian diets
-does not come from non-flesh foods

vegetarians should supplement
with carnosine*

*Not medical advice!

Concentrated urine…mythical fear?

example: athlete’s urine check:
-too concentrated,
-must be dehydrated!

study: Australian Institute of Sport
-athletes told to drink more in morning…
-ended up drinking so much, that:
-woke up at night to pee

sleep disruption was main problem!

First finding that kidney is losing function…
-besides protein in urine, is:
-loss of concentrating capacity

-kidneys doing their job
-concentrated, low volume urine
-able to sleep through whole night

When kidneys start to fail…can’t concentrate urine,
so, larger volume wakes you up

the notion that you must drink more,
keep urine clear…NO

The body is smarter than that!

When I was a resident in hospital,
calculating exact amounts of magnesium & potassium
in intravenous fluids

I was told:
“The dumbest kidney…
is smarter than the smartest intern”

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