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presents episode 1018 | Dr Paul Mason
HVMN podcast

Evidence-based medicine means:
we look at the research data to draw conclusions
Eminence-based medicine means:
we trust the experts

The American diabetes association paper on Statin use with diabetes:
3 references didn’t include:
all cause mortality, as an outcome
3 that included all cause mortality.
All had insignificant findings.

Not one reference in this paper showed
what author said it did
and yet, this is a very heavily cited position
paper by the ADA,
which recommends using statins!

The world is being pulled over patient’s eyes.
You cannot trust these conclusions guidelines expert bodies

The data shows the truth

No ulterior motives by doctors…
Just pride and arrogance
I have not always been an advocate for
low seed oils, low-carb, keto diet…

I used to recommend low fat, etc.

I had supreme confidence that:
I had an academic education
I didn’t even consider that I might be wrong
I trusted those who taught me


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