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PAUL MASON c: | EXCESS CARBS: -liver turns to fat -reduces HDL
presents episode 1109 | Dr Paul Mason
Low Carb Down Under podcast

NEJM article, 100k+ participants, 4 years…
-salt in urine vs all-cause mortality
odds of dying
Bottom: salt
4-6g / day

2g / day =

Keto and carnivore diets reduce insulin, so salt is not retained…
-need to intake more salt

Metabolic syndrome symptom 3: triglycerides [TG] in blood…
-high levels of insulin [diabetes]; you have high TG
WHY: liver stores glucose as glycogen [up to 100g only] -when at capacity, starts
de novo lipogenesis
-produces TG
Study: feed excess carbs
measure what burns; stores
-day 3: began fat production
“This happens on SAD: more
carb in than burn…so: fat!”

Excess carbs, rejected by IR muscles, turns into TG…
-into VLDL particles in blood
HDL: high levels are good, but TG taken up by HDL particles
-leading to HDL breakdown
“Same mechanism that raises TG,
also reduces HDL”

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