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PAUL MASON b: | FATTY LIVER: uric acid UP; nitric oxide DOWN: Blood pressure UP presents episode 1108 | Dr Paul Mason
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Now that TG is stuck in fat cell, to burn it, must break it down…
-using hormone sensitive lipase: wiped out by insulin
“With elevated insulin, very clearly leads to higher fat mass”

Metabolic syndrome symptom 2: elevated blood pressure…
-top line…insulin infusion; bottom line…none
-in clinic: start low carb; insulin drops; must reduce blood meds

Metabolic syndrome symptom 2: elevated blood pressure…
Fatty liver increases uric acid; this inhibits nitric oxide
-nitric oxide causes blood vessels to relax, lowers blood pressure
Fluid follows SALT
-increase blood salt; draws
fluid into blood
-insulin tells kidneys
“hold onto salt”

Blood flows through kidneys and some gets filtered…
-flows through, eventually passes out into urine
-at 4 sites, insulin draws out salt back into blood
“In excess insulin state
body does everything it
can to hold onto salt”
-essential hypertension is an
insulin-dependent state
-if no high insulin, likely
no high blood pressure

“keto flu” used to be called “Atkins flu”…unknown cause
-if suddenly go low carb, will cause temporary salt deficiency
until body can adapt
-lower insulin leads to lower salt
-lower salt leads to lower blood pressure

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