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PAUL MASON a | SATURATED FAT RAISES cholesterol to HEATHY LEVELS [veggie oils damage LDL]
presents episode 983 | Dr Paul Mason
Nutrition with Judy podcast

Dr Paul Mason: We are told that saturated fat will kill us…
-good quality EVIDENCE shows the OPPOSITE
-and is deliberately kept out of public view
Examples from 1973 research:
Sydney Diet Heart Study
Minnesota Coronary Experiment
-both randomized, control trials
-removed saturated fat from diet &
replace with veggie oils
Results: veggie oils: cholesterol down, but MORTALITY UP
Findings NOT PUBLISHED UNTIL 2013 & 2016

Why did you not publish the results?
“We did not get the results we wanted”
[they WANTED veggie oils to be proven
more healthy…as paid by industry!!] Still happening today
$700m Women’s Health Study
-real harm from low sat fat diets
-increased cardiac disease
-have tried to prevent these findings
from getting out to public & doctors

Supposedly, saturated fat raises LDL to unhealthy levels…
1-higher LDL levels, on average = live longer
2-no known mechanism for sat fat to raise LDL
Veggie oils REDUCE LDL via phytosterols
-fooling body into thinking it is cholesterol
-but it cannot be assimilated into body
-forces our cholesterol [both HDL & LDL] to LOWER below healthy range
“If your doctor says sat fat raises LDL, ask, What mechanism?”


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