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PAUL MASON 7a | Heart concerns? Oxidation; Pollution; Seed oils; Glucose
presents episode 678 | Dr Paul Mason
Low Carb Down Under podcast

One exception that saturated fat
is associated with increase in LDL…
coconut oil contains sterols,
so it DROPS LDL levels
-loads tissues with plant sterols
“Is coconut oil actually healthy?”

In patients with heart disease…
statins have lowered cardiac events
-nothing to do with lowering LDL
-statins inhibit blood clotting
-inhibit release of plaque
destabilizing enzymes

Inhibition of clotting can have
-brain bleeding risk increases
Statin side effects:
-71% increase in diabetes
Only single study on statin
mortality benefits OVER TIME

Scottish GP Malcolm Kendrick…
-book on blood clotting theory
Because he argued against the
lipid heart hypothesis,
[Wikipedia page deleted]

Saturated fat as cause of
heart disease is a FAIRY TALE
“We should worry about our
clotting risk”
-seed oil [vegetable oil] -blood glucose


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