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Paul Mason 5: Probiotics & fiber are not as effective as a healthy diet itself

interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt

Some say: you can produce short chain fatty acids
from bacterial fermentation of fiber
those short chain fatty acids can be taken up to
cells lining the colon, then be converted into ketones
as energy for that colonocyte,

thus creating more mucus for a
protective layer

An endothelial cell of the large intestine & colon

endothelial cell:
one of the simple squamous (flattened) cells forming
the lining of blood & lymph vessels and inner layer
of the endocardium

Why not simply be in systemic ketosis?

Fiber is only fermented in a very small part of the colon

This area only allows fermented fiber access to
very limited colonocytes lining the bowel.
if pathology anywhere else in bowel,
this won’t do a lick of good

But, if in systemic ketosis…
have ketones going around the whole intestine & colon
you would be in much better shape

Feeding bacteria wrong things can be very dangerous

clostridium difficile:
bacteria that, when overgrown, can release toxins
causing inflammation

pseudomembranous colitis:
disease caused by overgrowth of clostridium difficile,
perhaps from excess antibiotic use

Around 2000, Japan discovered ways to mass
manufacture trehalose.

this allows lowering the freezing point of dairy…
making a great additive for ice cream…
where introduced, correlated with
epidemic: pseudomembranous colitis
(clostridium difficile feeds off trehalose)

Feeding it trehalose allows it to out compete
other bacteria in the gut

from the journal: Nature

We don’t want to feed the bad bacteria…

This whole notion of taking probiotics is bullocks:
Food causes bacteria to thrive or be suppressed

if you have a healthy probiotic but
don’t feed it the right food,
they won’t be sustained

Studies show that you can get a wholesale change
in your microbiome in 24 hours…
they die pretty quickly

In India, a condition called necrotizing enterocolitis…
an infection inside the intestines:
-in very young babies
-very dangerous

Tried synbiotic: put in probiotic to outcompete
the bad bacteria:
when combined with food: effective!

Traveller’s diarrhea: take large amounts of probiotics,
continuously so they outcompete pathogenic bacteria
that you might ingest…
-must be taken repeatly & in high doses
-only effective in short term
-can also cause gastrointestinal upset