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PAUL MASON 5 | ApoB on both good & bad LDL…so test is unclear
presents episode 783 | Dr Paul Mason
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Now have very good prospective data
that: on average: PEOPLE WITH
so, how can APOb be a problem?
Liver makes VLDL, large lipoprotein
-has single APOb molecule on surface
-VLDL goes through circulation,
drops off some cargo
[triglycerides & cholesterol] -shrinks a little

IT is then called IDL
-continues to circulate, drops more cargo
-called LDL, still has single APOb
-taken back up by liver
UNLESS APOb damaged, by
-glycation [by glucose] -oxidation [by seed oil] Example: donut: both sugar & seed oil

APOb damaged, accumulates in blood
-APOb also on VLDL & IDL
LDL associated with longevity
-VLDL [triglyceride rich] associated with MORTALITY
We have two groups of APOb
-one giving longevity; other mortality
-test of APOb not clear on which
contributes more

‘LDL subfraction’ test would help…
-remember, if LDL molecule damaged,
cannot be taken out of circulation
-you would have many LDLs with APOb
-too many of these small dense LDL:
too much sugar, seed oils,
stress, pollution, mold, etc
“Damaged LDL is the problem;
NOT the healthy LDL”


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