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PAUL MASON 4 | Have autoimmune issues? Try full elimination diet
presents episode 782 | Dr Paul Mason
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Study of autoimmune disease and 6
trigger foods…
-when eliminated:73% of patients improve
Trigger foods:
-milk; nuts & seeds [including coffee] -fish & seafood
“I add pork to that list for a lot of folks.
Due to those with reaction to animal

For those on carnivore diet,
hierarchy of foods to check:
-dairy; coffee; fish & seafood
“If you say…that is mostly what I eat!!
This is only for those carnivores with
autoimmune issues

Dr Baker had sold Dr Mason about a
colleague in England who had run
thousands of antigen tests for trigger
-only food that was NOT trigger for
autoimmune reactivity was RED MEAT
“My experience and my research has
substantiated this finding: red meat”

Dr Baker:
“Many, many people can tolerate these
foods, but for those who have
inflammation & autoimmune issues
that cannot be resolved,

Historically, have eliminated foods
one at a time…
problem: one third of people were
reactive to at least 3 TYPES OF FOODS
-another third reactive to 2 types
“Over half the people have reactions to
multiple foods…
-if remove just 1…CANNOT GET RESULTS

-why would you eliminate any foods if
you don’t need to?
-this is only for those having severe
issues with inflammation and
autoimmune reactions
“This is not an ideology”


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