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Paul Mason 4: FIBER does NOT help constipation! This myth is not based on serious research

interviewed by Dr Mariela Glandt

Does fiber help constipation?
Well, the problem is that we are
trying to pass something through a small hole

Fiber makes that something bigger, so

how did we think making something
bigger would help it pass through
the anal sphincter?

Perhaps it is the fluid retention of fiber? No

1970’s studies measured fluid content of stools:
-high fiber diet
-no fiber diet

result: no difference!

Perhaps it is the consistency? No

Someone came up with an idea once,
probably to help sell cereal,
and pulled the wool over the eyes
of most of the doctors…

who are mostly still practicing today!

Writing a chapter for medical textbook…

for section on fiber, tried to find original references:
-could find guidelines
-could NOT find an original study!

found: fiber increases size of stool, but
patients never say “please increase size!”

found: fiber increases transit time, but
patients never ask for faster times

patients care about:

I looked for randomized, control trials
on symptoms…could find NONE

Best experimental study:
63 patients, with ideopathic constipation (unknown cause)

3 groups: very high, medium, & low fiber diet
and…one group on zero fiber diet

checked affect on 5 symptoms

result: every zero fiber patient had
complete resolution of all 5 symptoms!

Question: do people eating carnivore (animal-based)
diet have constipation problems?

Answer: Sometimes…mostly with cheese, dairy

the beta casein can be metabolized into an opiate-like
compound in some people

this reduces gastric motility

There is something in dairy, for some in the population,
that seems to be constipation-provoking

so, if on carnivore diet, having
constipation, check dairy first