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PAUL MASON 3a | OXIDIZED LDL damages blood vessel walls
presents episode 674 | Dr Paul Mason
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Risk of clotting increased when a plaque ruptures…
Plaques are usually stable surrounded by thick tissue
Here is UNSTABLE PLAQUE…What is the cause?

One reason: foam cells [cholesterol-stuffed macrophages] -secrete enzymes that break down the protective tissue

23 types of these enzymes in humans: [number 9 is critical] -in high levels, it’s an independent predictor of cardiac mortality
“Do triglycerides; HDL have anything to do with this? YES

Here is blood vessel lined with fine hairs [glycocalyx]…
-protection against clotting: shields wall against coagulation
-blocks formation of abnormal clots
-produces nitric oxide [dilates vessels]

Oxidized LDL can damage this glycocalyx!


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