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PAUL MASON 3 | Autoimmune disease…most have the SAME CURE!
presents episode 781 | Dr Paul Mason
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Root cause of various autoimmune
diseases is extremely similar…
-rheumatoid arthritis & multiple sclerosis
-one affects joints; other brain lining
-the antibodies that attack them just
go after a different ‘bar coded’ cells
-they attack an entirely different tissue
“We talk about autoimmune diseases
…in clusters
-if have one, likely to have another”

If a hashimoto’s patient is tested…
-find antibodies against various other
“Wonderful news:

Study on gluten as cause of celiac
-patients who did not improve when
-casein [worst of the antigens] -whey protein to some degree
“We know that whey protein is excellent
as a protein source…
but for those with autoimmune issues
it may be problematic”

Regarding ultra high cholesterol…
-one main cause for meat eaters
is dairy
-I have patients eliminate dairy,
including butter
-to check
“Some people react to ghee also”


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