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PAUL MASON 2a | FISH OIL IS GREAT from fish…not from capsules!
presents episode 730 | Dr Paul Mason
Human Performance Outliers podcast

Studies show supplementing with
arachidonic acid
[long chain, omega 6 fatty acid] enhances muscle bulk & strength
is not a negative in a low inflammatory environment!
is not converted into inflammatory products
in the absence of an inflammatory stimulus!

in a low inflammatory state it will
produce good things,
but will not produce bad things!

Vegetable oils are:
bad, not because high in omega 6
but, high in oxidized products

fats:to be liquid, must have double bonds between carbons,
the more double bonds, the more liquid

Any fat with double bonds is prone to oxidation
Same for omega 3, and 6 [and 9] supplementing with fish oil may not be good

we checked all fish oils from two pharmacies
in Sydney, AU
Everyone of them was oxidized!
fish oil from supplements is not safe


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