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PAUL MASON 1d | Bisphosphonate drugs for osteoporosis DAMAGE BONES!
presents episode 739 | Dr Paul Mason
Human Performance Outliers podcast

Classic patient: middle age with stress fracture…
“Walking 15,000 steps a day”
Why exercising? to lose weight

They only understand: Calories in Calories out!
‘I have to burn all of this off!’

I tell them to curtail their activity
“But how will I lose weight?”

Actually NO!
you cannot out run a bad diet

Another way:
-no hunger
-reverse your osteoporosis

The bisphosphonaate drugs actually
impair bone turnover!

With poor bone turnover,
your bone is vulnerable to fracture

We have atypical fractures in the
big thigh bone with these drugs

In athletes, inappropriately given these drugs,
have had their careers ended
because it stays in the bones for years & years


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