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PAUL MASON 1c | LDL gone bad? blame: unstable blood sugar & veggie oil!
presents episode 735 | Dr Paul Mason
Human Performance Outliers podcast

Things that increase oxidative stress:
-seed oils [vegetable oils] -sugar
when blood sugar levels go up & down
that generates oxidative stress

generates reactive oxygen species,
electrons with an
unbalanced valence shell electron,
that damages other tissues

seed oils generate oxidative stress:
have bonds that are prone to oxidation,
are taken up by chylomicrons, and
delivered to the liver

leads to
-liver damage
-insulin resistance
-triglycerides going up
-HDL going down

if you are worried about LDL:
don’t worry about saturated fat
it may make your LDL go high, BUT
will not make your LDL GO Bad

what will make your LDL go bad:
-having unstable glucose levels
-consuming oxidized seed oils

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