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PATRICK BET-DAVID c | Jack Ryan Meets Sound of Freedom: see FEAR in child? contact police
presents episode 960 | Patrick Bet-David
Valuetainment Podcast with Nic McKinley of

“My friend & I were on a flight one time…
-saw a girl, 12, who looked scared
-sitting next to 60 year old man
-when he went to bathroom
Friend talked with girl,
“I can’t talk with you”
Patrick talked with man,
“Leave us alone”
Patrick went to stewardess, do you
have an agent on flight?
Flight personnel talk with man…

Can you not let them off flight until
they are checked by police?
-Yes, we will
After deplaning, waited…
Man and girls DID NOT GET OFF
-this just did not feel right to me
What should citizens do?
-if you see FEAR
-airline crew; security; law enforcement
county sheriff


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