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PATRICK BET-DAVID b | Jack Ryan Meets Sound of Freedom: virtually no feds fighting trafficking
presents episode 959 | Patrick Bet-David
Valuetainment Podcast with Nic McKinley of

Nic McKinley: CIA agent, upon whose
life, Jack Ryan is created…
Question: why did you get into
human trafficking?
-one case: had proof that a group
was moving children across border
to use them to test bombs
Man would have young boys walk
around minefield until they stepped on

We wrote it up and sent up the chain
of command…
-no one cared
-Nic was cureous
“I had clearance, so checked on
computer to see what was going on
No agents or engagements were
ever going after human trafficking”
Why not?
-not a Presidential Reporting Req
-bureaucrats are foot soldiers for

We have huge government
bureaucracy spending BILLIONS
fighting illicit trade of legal
commodities [DEA, ATF] 13th Amendments make 100% of
any slavery ILLEGAL
but, who has the ball on this issue?
DOJ, DHS doing what they can…
DHS right now handcuffed on this


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