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presents episode 702 | Dr Nasha Winters
Keto Kamp podcast

“I had malignant ascites [buildup of
fluid in the abdomen] -for 2.5 months only sipped water
and herbal tea
Dr Valter Longo’s research shows
fasting with chemotherapy or
radiation protects healthy
“This approach makes recurrence
much, much lower”
-without the harmful side effects

Ben Azadi: study showed less than
70% chance of reccurence of
breast cancer when fasting 13 hours
a day
“Could get patients, after all the
medical treatments are over, to fast
13 hours a day”
-for some patients new to this approach
`slowly lower carb intake
`slowly increase quality fats
`add cinnamon to sweeten taste

For really metabolically broken people
-metformin–perhaps short term
through radiation therapy
-keeps insulin & A1c lower
“Never met a radiologist who does a
full glycemic, insulin, IGF, A1c panel

There are a few radiation
oncologists who do these tests
-get patients metabolically flexible
-in preparation for radiation
-fasting through radiation &
taking ketones in preparation
People new to low carb…
-needing low glycemic & insulin state
-ketones gives them running start
-stops ‘carb withdrawal’
-protective to healthy tissue


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