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NASHA WINTERS 2 | CLEAN cytoplasm & fuel = cells keep genetic & epigentic expression STRONG
presents episode 700 | Dr Nasha Winters
Keto Kamp podcast

Common theory of cancer cause is
DNA damage…
“Let’s back it up first:
-research over 100 years has shown
that mitochondria is protector of
the genome
-if healthy
-taking in right fuel sources
-consider our thoughts, environment
Affect mitochondria

Mitochondria take in this wide range
of information
-tell organelles to heal or repair
-depending on the signals they receive
“When cytoplasm [surrounding
mitochondria] gets congested:
-mitochondria stops cellular
-begin fermenting
-become inefficient at metabolism
[poor energy creation]

When metabolism become inefficient:
-we don’t induce cell death
[apoptosis] “When we don’t take out these broken
toxic cells:
They metabolically switch, pulling
fuel from body…preferring sugar:
if patient has been eating standard
unhealthy diet, and follows poor
dietary advice from oncologist…we perpetuate tumor growth

Cancers can come in and out of
existence with support to the terrain
around those cancer cells”
If you clean up
-cytoplasm around mitochondria
-fuels going into mitochondria
-keeps mitochondria healthy
-keeps genetic & epigentic expression
able to handle attacks much stronger


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