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NASHA WINTERS 1 | 70 to 90% of ALL CANCERS ONLY eat sugar
presents episode 699 | Dr Nasha Winters
Keto Kamp podcast

Work of Dr Kelly Turner…
book: Radical Remission
followed 1000 patients who had gone
into spontaneous remission:
-was really very thoughtful, willful
-7 of 9 key factors in remission were
not tangible, physical actions
-ONLY spiritual, mental aspects of
their lives & community

We have to look at our metabolic
-in 1850 we were ALL LOW-CARB
-bodies know how to burn both
fats and sugars
-one would eat dinner, sleep, wake up
in ketosis
-in ‘carb season’ during harvest, would
eat carbs & easily burn them off

Today: we just put carbs in; they go
into fat storage: putting us into
-constant sugar-burning mode
“Our bodies have forgotten how to
burn fat…how to be dual-fuel engine”
-70 to 90% of all cancers have a very
glycolytic driver [burn only sugar] “Probably worth it to get body back
into flexible metabolic state so it can
burn fat instead of sugar”

Metabolic flexibility helps with all
modern, chronic diseases
-all on same spectrum of
mitochondrial metabolic imbalance
-less than 12% Americans are
metabolically flexible


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