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Nadir Ali. vegetable oils puts omega6 in our eyes, skin-causing inflammation, free radicals toxicity

AMD [age-related macular
degeneration]…never known in
human history!
-possible that vegetable oils puts
omega6 in our eyes, skin
-causing inflammation, free radicals

Makers of canola oil say it is
healthier…due to its omega3s
-these are ALA, from plants
-NOT DHEA & EPA from fish
Methods of extracting oil from
-hexane [petroleum] as solvent
-processed with high heat
“fresh canola oil bad;
fried canola oil worse;
deep-dried canola oil worst”

Dr Chris Knobbe checked:
makers of Oatley, oat milk,
-used canola to simulate
taste of dairy fat
Oatley: “We use expeller oil”
-heated, pressed, bleached,
-heated at 464F for 90 min
“Essentially deep fried!”


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