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NADIR ALI Part 3: LDL aint so bad! It has real benefits!!!
presents episode 328: Dr Nadir Ali podcast

Fasted state: liver produces…
-more LDL (cholesterol-rich)…
-less VLDL (triglyceride-rich)

LDL’s Apo B-100 protein neutralizes the quorum sensing…
-of the AGR protein produced by bacteria
-and mediates the LPS and LTA endotoxins seeking cell death
-so: in this animal study:
-LDL protected the host from pneumonia by these
bacteria releases in the blood stream

High cholesterol group…
-lowest all cause mortality
-lowest cancer mortality
-lowest respiratory infection deaths

High cholesterol group…
-lowest levels of hypertension
-lowest levels of stroke
-lowest levels of cardiovascular disease

-highest level of general ability
-highest level of processing speed
-highest level of memory

Statin group had lowest level of
-general ability, processing speed & memory

Burning body fat drives LDL synthesis
then excess is ELIMINATED


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