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NADIR ALI Part 2: Burning body fat drives LDL synthesis then excess is ELIMINATED
presents episode 327: Dr Nadir Ali podcast

Ketones…amazing fuel for the brain…
-Standard American diet: burning sugar in the brain
-Low carb or dieting-the brain adapts to burn ketones
-is fat adapted

Our entry into life is successful due to ketosis…
-newborns are in a state of ketosis:
-blood glucose falls &
-beta-hydroxybutyrate is at 2-3 mM
-newborn brain consumes
60-70% of metabolism
at birth…
-HALF is beta-hydroxybutyrate
-mother’s milk:
-triglycerides & proteins
-very LITTLE lactose

beta-Hydroxy beta-methylglutaryl-CoA
-an intermediate in the mevalonate & ketogenesis pathways
-it is a metabolic intermediate in the metabolism of the
branched-chain amino acids BCAAs


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