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NADIR ALI | Lowering 1 marker for heart disease IS NOT TRUE HEALTH
presents episode 734 | Dr Nadir Ali
HVMN podcast

became disenchanted seeing patients…
blood pressure not improving
more obese
more diabetic
even though LDL had dropped,
could not correlate with better health

Belong to bike racing team
was up to 175 pounds [79kg] cycling 1000 miles a month [1600 km] ‘why am i getting so heavy?’

Chris Froome, Tour de France winner
was a low carb athlete!
improved his power to weight ratio

within a few month:
i was down to 160 pounds; now at 145

When a patient listens to my advice:
he loses weight
blood sugar improves
blood pressure improves
comes of all meds
feels better
That is validation!!

They hear: ‘there is a doctor
who is doing something different…’
Being someone who can actually
improve someone’s health

an example
cardiologists feel good when they can
help someone lower their cholesterol
‘this is fantastic. we have improved your health’

they are looking at the wrong marker!!
is this guy better because:
blood sugar is lower
joints feel better
blood pressure lower
off all meds

they are looking at the wrong marker
there are better markers that a blood marker

cardiologists have been focusing on cholesterol
which is the wrong marker
it is a surrogate for insulin resistance

we should focus on quality of cholesterol
which is an indication of metabolic health

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