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NADIR ALI G | SERIAL CALCIUM SCORE. use it! if high LDL but great HDL & triglyceride
presents episode 897 | Dr Nadir Ali
Dr Morgan Nolte interview

Insulin resistance, diabetes,
inflammation, high blood pressure…
-all get better with low carb eating
& fasting
If you have addressed these & still
are concerned about heart disease:
-get calcium score
patient has all good markers, LDL high:
-calcium score check calcium in heart
blood vessels with CAT scan

If 50, calcium score = 0
-no calcium in vessels
-you have great health markers
“Calcium score 0 predicts 10 years
excellent heart outcomes”
AHA says:
“If calcium 0, no benefit from statin”

Where do we have uncertainty?
-on carnivore diet
[my opinion, we are designed for it] -and fasting
LDL can go to 300, 500…
-Don’t know
Recommend: serial calcium scores
-if no calcium or plaque in several years
-that will provide the answer

Anecdotal information…
-1 to 2 year follow up
[those high LDL & calcium 0] some 90 y.o. women, high LDL,
xray shows no vessel blockages
Evidence that high LDL is
-other factors may be causal
-LDL just a red herring
But, we don’t know for sure

@dr Morgan Nolte Zivli

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