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NADIR ALI F | PSK9 Inhibitors TRIAL: cuts LDL by 60%, but RAISES MORTALITY!!
presents episode 895 | Dr Nadir Ali
Dr Morgan Nolte interview

From 1994 to 2017 many more
clinical trials of statins have been done
-succeeding trials show greater
reduction in cholesterol
2008 Jupiter Trial
-reduced LDL 50%
Should get better result!
But, improvement was ‘wafer thin’
-0.3% over 2 years

New drug: PSK9 Inhibitor
New trial, 28k patients, 4 years…
-half got drug; half did not
LDL reduced by 60%
in people dying
But: more PSK9 patients DIED
“Dying of corrected cholesterol
is not a successful outcome”

Clear evidence that cholesterol-
lowering drugs cause diabetes
PSK9 is a substance that our body
uses against infection
-prepares body for invaders
-tells liver: ‘stop taking LDL from blood’
-needed in blood to fight infection

@dr Morgan Nolte Zivli

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