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NADIR ALI E | 99% of clinical trials FULLY PAID BY DRUG INDUSTRY
presents episode 894 | Dr Nadir Ali
Dr Morgan Nolte interview

Vast majority of studies are done
by pharmaceutical industry…
-hire all people involved
-want to present information on new
products in the best light
-only ones privy to the data
“May exclude participants’ data that
does not fit their goal”
“Drug companies have been known to
lie in the past”

In 2006, US Congress did pass law
that all trials had to be published,
at least online
[We know that journals and reprints
are widely used to mislead doctors] Now: clinical trials on statins:
1994 Forest Trial
4000 heart patients: 5 years
-half given statin; half not
“This is the best trial for statins that
has been done”

Results with these high risk patients:
-those with statins vs not; at 1 year:
-statin group 0.6% less mortality
“This benefit, VERY SMALL, is not
understood by most physicians”
Statin Side Effects
-my 50% patients have myopathy
-generally 20 to 30%
-memory & cognitive troubles
-reduced testosterone

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