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NADIR ALI d” | Older & sedentary? high risk of fat toxicity & sarcopenia
presents episode 1089 | Dr Nadir Ali
Low Carb Denver podcast

Age associated w/ mitochondrial dysfunction, IR & lipotoxicity…
Study: younger 20s & older 70s
-similar in weight, fat mass, lean mass, BMI
-Kraft test showed:
-higher glucose & insulin
-higher muscle & liver fat
-40% lower ATP power

Statins: lack of data, but inferential information shows…
-cause IR
-poisons mitochondria by depleting Coq10
-increases liver’s & pancreas’
VLDL receptors so they
become fatty & toxic

Damaged mitochondria [yellow] bond with healthy in
complementation: to prevent forming free radicals…
Or, mitochondria can separate damaged part into:
-daughter: damaged
-daughter: healthy
Damaged daughter
cleared from cell by

In setting of exercise, healthy mitochondria: ATP used as fuel…
-AMP goes up, giving strong signal to cell to produce
mitochondrial biogenesis factor[PCG-1alpha] Initiates
-fusion, fission

In setting of sedentary behavior, lipotoxicity, IR…
-creating lots of toxic fat damaging mitochondria
-won’t burn freely
-generate lots of free radicals [causing aging] -toxic fat [ceramide] -forms channel leaking
out critical proteins
-program cell for death
-leading to sarcopenia


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